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Join us for our next reading

charles peek

Charles Peek
Ed Stevens

7 p.m.
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

inside the beautiful
G.W. Frank Museum
of History & Culture

2010 University Drive,
Kearney, Nebr.

Free Admission
as part of the
Front Porch Reading Series

Please stick around after the reading for refreshments and conversation
Welcome to the website for Prairie Art Brothers. If you believe in our mission, you can help us by visiting our Facebook page and actually "liking" us. Your support let's other people know about the importance of poetry here in central Nebraska. We want to cultivate a culture of ideas and expression. Poetry helps us achieve that goal. Strong Facebook numbers keeps our events in the forefront of life in Kearney. Uh, besides, it looks cool to have a bunch of people supporting us. We hope you will consider adding your voice to our Facebook numbers.

support poetry
One of the best ways to support poetry is to purchase books by writers. The purchase price helps authors subsidies their work and also gives them a boost when you value their work enough to pay for it. Yes, our events come to you free of charge. That's another part of the Prairie Art Brothers' mission. We search for grants and take donations so that we can pay the writers who read their work for us, but any money they get from book sales helps them in their writing career.

Our writers bring books to the readings to sell. They enjoy signing the books and meeting readers who think highly enough of their work to purchase it. If you intend to purchase a book, please consider bringing cash to the reading. Some of the writers can make electronic purchases but cash works best — and small bills, too.

Poems are handbooks for human decency and understanding. Poets hold water in their cupped hands and run back from the well because someone is parched and thirsting. The poem is a force field against despair. — Elizabeth Alexander, Academy of American Poets Chancellor (2015– )

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